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This website was born from the Say No To New Bins campaign which I started in November 2003. Brighton and Hove Council trying to force this scheme upon us when the opposition was about 20 to 1 against the idea made me realise that they had forgotten the concept of democracy. They happily took our Council Tax, and felt little need to justify what they used these funds for.

This must change.

We have all been complacent. We have all allowed this to happen. Now people can post their views here (whatever they are, you may have to justify them with a good argument!) without fear of censorship.

The more we come together, the stronger we are. We can make a difference, and we can save and enhance this beautiful city with its Regency crescents and fascinating architecture.

The first thing to do is let us know you views, whatever they may be. You can do this by clicking on the top link to "Join the Forums ", and register your username (we never reveal personal information to anyone, or you may, if you wish, use a 'nom de plume'). Remember the aim of this site is democracy, so it is vital we hear from as many people as possible. Be sure to tell your friends about the site, even if they are not in the bin areas, they can comment on things that they are not happy about in Brighton and Hove.

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Parking Scheme Returns
Stake driven through heart yet rises from the grave.
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Council waive height restriction on Marina tower
The council have chosen to waive the height restriction, sweeping aside the restrictions in the Brighton Marina Act 1968
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"Dirty Des" Turner MP appears in Private Eye
Spends time doing developer's bidding
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Residents' Anger Over Parking Shake-Up
Find out more about the changes planned for the central Brighton parking zones, and how it will affect you.
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185 Metre Spire Proposed on West Pier Site
A planning allication has been presented to the council which proposes a 185m observation tower.
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Interim Report from CityClean
Everything is just rosy. Apparently.
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Has Councillor Gill Mitchell lost the common touch?
The Eva Peron of East Brighton seems to want to be alone ...
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Council Leader Ken Bodfish backs down over 11 workers
Provides new evidence that fish may not have backbones.
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Library saved, but to become smaller?
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CityClean and the Disability Rights Commission
Further information surfaces ...
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Changes to South East news pages
Two separate pages covering Surrey and Sussex replace the BBC Southern Counties News Interactive index.
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